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Chill Frogs, Peaceful Toadz, GatorRaid, CreatureToadz and more.


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As we add more projects into our platform, enjoy the ability to stake all your NFTs in one place.

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CreatureToadz, Babytoadz, Chill Frogs, GatorRaid and Peaceful Toadz.

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Powered by $FLYZ

$FLYZ is SwampDao native token and the one use for the rewards pools.
Our system is built on the solid fundations pionered by OlympusDAO.

Strong tokenomics, coupled with an even stronger treasury system, focus on growth and liquidity.

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Staking Rewards

$FLYZ can also be staked for additional rewards on SwampDAO, in the form of sFLYZ (staked $FLYZ).

Stakers play an important role in the SwampDAP ecosystem. Stakers deposit their FLYZ into the protocol, which contributes to FLYZ's long-term stability.

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Bonds & LP fees

Bonding allows you to trade various tokens for FLYZ at a discounted price. In exchange, bond sales provide additional liquidity and reserve assets to the SwampDAO treasury, contributing to the stability of the protocol.

We offer LP pair bonding $FLYZ-ETH and regular bonding with LOOKs.



A strong NFT/Defi synergy

To avoid token dilution, all the NFTs staking on SwampDAO utilize a percentage of their revenue for $FLYZ buybacks. Because of that, part of the $FLYZ used in the NFTs rewards pools is bought, not minted.

Creating a positive flywheel where the higher is the value of the NFT, the higher is the value of the token, and vice-versa.


$LOOKs rewards

$LOOKS in the treasury are staked to generate WETH rewards, which are used exclusively to buy $FLYZ. This is done entirely on-chain thanks to a specifically designed smart contract named “The LOOKS capacitor".


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